A week after turning 18, with my savings from high school jobs, I left home for New York City. I'd walk the streets armed with my father's Nikon F3 and a few lenses. My eyes were drawn to graffiti, textures of buildings, and as I became more confident, people.

As a child my father would pay us, a nickel per page, to place the slides he shot in sheets. He was passionate about underwater photography in the 80's and early 90's and exposed me to the magic of film, darkrooms and a strange underwater world. I looked up to him because of his accomplishments. He was an immigrant from Cuba at 13, became a physician, pilot, and artist. He was my teacher. Traditional schooling was difficult for me. He always encouraged me, listened attentively and was open minded. 

In 2009, my father passed away tragically, he drowned at one of my favorite beaches near my home on Kaua’i. I share because his death, the pain it caused and the events that followed shaped who I am today. My life came undone and I have worked hard to put it back together. Shooting with his cameras connects me to him.

In 2016 I began shooting film again, as I traveled with his Hasselblad 2000fcw. I ventured to Denmark, Amsterdam, Big Island, Molokai, Colorado and Oregon. A limited selection of images were displayed at the Kilauea Bakery in December. I have travels planned for the remainder of 2017 and I’ll be shooting New Mexico, Texas and Wyoming. In 2018, I intend to take the next step with photography by developing and printing my work. I have always been fascinated by printing, and I am not keen on the digital process. It is a goal to learn about other methods such as lithography. You can follow my photography work on instagram.

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