It is my passion to create with clay, to chase my ideas and strive to perfect my process. At Fort Collins High School in 2000 I was introduced to clay. It was not until 2013 that I began to pursue the craft seriously at Lightwave Pottery on Kaua’i. Dean McRaine supports many clay artists on island. With a nudge from Dean I took a leap, invested in a kiln and began creating on my lanai. In the years that followed I sold my work at markets to travelers and local residents, collaborated with businesses and was represented by two galleries. In the summer of 2016, I traveled to Copenhagen for a week workshop with Eric Landon. He shared his story, studio and techniques. In December of 2016, it was an honor to have several of my pieces make it into the Ceramics of Hawaii state exhibition. At the beginning of 2017, through Instagram, David Kuraoka reached out inquiring about my clay body, experience and he eventually offered suggestions on how to improve. He said I was learning in the dark and encouraged me to attend NCECA in Portland. That trip opened my eyes to this field, was overwhelmingly inspirational and motivated me to make a big change.

I am taking community classes at the Boulder Potters Guild and the Boulder Pottery Lab. We just completed a group salt firing at the guild. My mind is bubbling with ideas and I am grateful to be working alongside others instead of in isolation. I have leased a studio space at the Boulder Creative Collective where I will set up shop and create daily. In 2018, I am excited to begin the pursuit of a formal education in ceramics.

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